The Neighbourhood Forum recently worked with Urban to progress the vision for an Urban National Park in Grove Park. Find out more by downloading our Strategy.







Welcome to the Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum

Everyone who lives or works in the Neighbourhood Forum area is entitled to become a member and we want as many people as possible to join in our activities, as we try to shape Grove Park’s future.

Local communities are now entitled to have more of a say in the development of their local area by forming a Neighbourhood Forum and drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan. This plan, under the Localism Act 2011, must be in tune with existing planning rules and will help all of us in the local community to influence the future of Grove Park by choosing what we think is important for the area in terms of buildings, planning, design and environment.

The newly-designated area of the Forum includes all of Grove Park ward and some small, but important, related areas of Downham and Whitefoot Wards – see the designated area map for details. When our plan is ready, all residents in the area will then get a vote on the outcome.


If you live, work or volunteer in Grove Park and would like to be an active member of the Forum, please email us at:

Baring Hall Hotel bw small

The Baring Hall Hotel and Grove Park Town Centre in the early days

Next Steps

We have three more key steps to go:

  1. Following the consultation process on our ‘pre-submission version’, we will be updating the plan to reflect the comments received.
  2. We will then submit the updated plan to Lewisham Council who will then appoint an independent examiner to review it. Further updates may be required at this stage.
  3. Once all the comments from the examiner have been addressed, the Neighbourhood Plan will then be formally submitted for a referendum.